Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekend #8- Starfish Reef, Panama

Friday morning John hitched a boat ride to Almirante to buy groceries for the next 11 days. Food here is very reasonable but it is expensive to take a boat-taxi to the mainland, so we want to go as few times as possible. Once he returned, and all afternoon, all we did was swim in the ocean!

Saturday was less humid, but still hot... so we spent the day in the ocean at the beach. Micah and JB snorkeled for hours. There is a reef about 50 yards off shore that is full of coral and starfish. Micah just floats on top of the water, breathing through her snorkel, and swims for hours. Kendal is a bit frightened of the jelly-beans (we have only seen a couple) but Ethan is quick to correct her, "Not jelly-beans, jelly-fish".

This morning, Sunday, Micah and JB snorkeled, Ethan & Kendal swam and Marcie put her chair in the water and watched:) While Kendal took her nap in the early afternoon, and Micah & Ethan rested, JB and Marcie went to Ada Bible via the Internet-technology can be a huge blessing! Then it was back to the beach. Just as we were getting ready to dive in, it began to rain. As I type, it is down pouring!!! JB and the kids are still swimming, but I hustled back to the villa for some quiet computer I type to you watching the rain come down, listening to the sounds of the rainy jungle mixed with the shouts of kids to my ears. Hope you had a good Sunday too!!


nana b said...

I guess we had better get in train8ing for our border cross!!
So thankful you are theresafe and sound.
Micah, miss your blog......some rainy day maybe you can post a message.
Love you all-NananB

Barbara Brooks said...

Merry Christmas from Mrs. Hoftra's class! We really miss you Ethan! We have lots of snow here and it's really cold. We are hoping for a snow day before Christmas!
Can't wait to have you back!
Lots of love!
Mrs. Hoftra's Class