Monday, December 15, 2008

Boat Tour of Bocas Area

This morning we left for a tour of the local water ways. First we traveled 25 minutes by boat to Dolphin's Bay. Unfortunately, we did NOT see any dolphin. We were looking hard, but didn't catch any glimpses. The kids were a bit bummed. Then we went to Craw Cay. Once there we put on our snorkel gear and jumped in. There were many fish and a coral reef to view. Kendal wasn't so keen on the fish but she did really well. Micah, of course, loved every minute. Our third stop was Red Frog Beach, and yes, there are tiny little red frogs that live on this island. Two years ago, JB went to Red Frog Beach and described it as the beach in Grand Haven only with big waves. So you can imagine our surprise when we arrived to only 10 feet of beach! There was major damage with big, mature trees uprooted and virtually no beach. It was a shock! After jumping waves we moved on to the town of Bocas Del Toro. There we quick hit two mini-grocery stores for a few supplies. Then it was a 25 minute boat ride back to our villa at Starfish Reef. We had a beautiful day of sun and water and surf!

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Sammy said...

Hey Friend Kendall--

Merry Christmas. There is lots of snow here and I miss you. We made you a little present for when you come home.
Katie Beuker