Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Lambers Family Is Coming

Today is a pretty exciting day, Marcie's family is coming for Christmas! After 9 weeks of no family- we are thrilled that the Lambers are coming!! Who is exactly coming this afternoon...Harry & Adria Lambers (Marcie's parents) aka Opa & Oma, Julie (Marcie's sister) and her husband Chris and their two girls Brinn & Tia, and Paul (Marcie's brother). They flew out yesterday from Detroit to Panama City. We know their flight was delayed yesterday and we can't wait to hear the story. Soon we will take a boat over to the island of Bocas (30 minute boat ride) to meet them at the airport...we are so excited!!!!

The Lambers family is here! They arrived at the Bocas airport and we met them with hugs and laughter. We quick took a taxi to the The Reef for a wonderful seafood dinner. Then it was a 30 min. boat ride to the villa where everyone got settled in. The guys enjoyed a bon fire at the beach while the women put the kids to bed and talked. It is so great to have them here, the best Christmas present ever!!

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Sammy said...

Hey Brittons--

Josh was wondering if you have seen any jaguars in the rainforest at all? Or any other rainforest/tropical creature. We are very curious.
Merry Christmas to you all!
Sammy (for Josh adn Katie)