Monday, December 22, 2008

Life at Starfish Reef

Our typical day here at Starfish Reef goes something like this...
7am- Kids wake up
7:30am- breakfast (JB makes awesome chocolate chip pancakes!) and color/play
8:30am- Marcie "home schools" Micah and Ethan
10:30am- To the beach for snorkeling and swimming
Noon- Lunch
1:00pm- Rest time, Kendal sleeps
2:00pm- JB, Micah and Ethan back to the beach for scuba diving and swimming
3:00pm- Kendal and Marcie go to the beach
4:30pm-The no-see-ums come out so we head up to our villa for showers
5:30pm- Dinner
6pm- Christmas songs and a reading from the Christmas story
6:30pm- Movie time
7pm-Kids go to bed
Every other day we try to fit a hike into our schedule. Here at Starfish Reef they have "Chocolate trees", mango trees, banana and coconut trees that they harvest for fruit. In front of our villa is the ocean and behind our villa is the jungle so there is lots to see...including this tarantula spider that we saw on our hike.

Marcie's parents are flying out of Detroit this morning on their way here for Christmas...we are so excited and hope that Paul (Marcie's brother) was able to get out of Grand Rapids in spite of the snow.

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Aunt Sue said...

We are praying for a safe trip for everyone-- they were very excited when we talked yesterday. It sounds like you are having so much fun and so many adventures. Wish we were there-- then we wouldn't be shoveling snow either. Love you lots--