Friday, December 26, 2008

A Boat Tour

Today the older kids, uncles and grandparents went for a tour of the area. They left on the boat around 9am for Dolphin's Bay. They didn't see any dolphins in the bay but they did see some before entering the bay-so cool! Then they snorkeled and stopped for lunch just as a rain storm was passing by. Then it was off to Starfish Beach- amazing, and so many starfish! The last stop was just off the coast of Bocas town where the guys were able to scuba dive to a shipwreck. The three youngest girls had a fun day at home taking naps and playing on the beach. Once home the "sisters" had dinner mostly ready for the hungry boaters. After the kids were in bed the adults played Wits & Wagers- a game we highly recommend, so fun!

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