Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Packages are Great!

Tomorrow morning at 4:45am we leave for Panama. First we take a taxi, then a bus, then walk, then a taxi and finally a boat. As we pack and prepare to leave, we just wanted to thank Oma & Opa (Marcie's parents) for sending a package filled with good things...sidewalk chalk, jump ropes, homework books and reading books. Its been fun to use all the goodies inside. Also, a big thank you to Susie (and Doug) for sending a package filled with Thanksgiving treats like green beans, fried onions, sweat potatoes and marshmallows. We had a fantastic meal thanks to the VanderGriends...yum! Even the left-overs were amazing! We are cautiously optimistic about our 6 hour bus trip tomorrow, we will up date the blog when we arrive in Panama:).

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nana b said...

It is like a TV series following your blog........if we had video it would be like the Great Race with some of the experiences you've had. We think about you and pray for you all the time- that with all the adventures you will be safe.
Glad to hear you arrived in Bocas safe if not a little travel weary, I guess you have to have a mind set to travel in Central America-go with the flow!Great BIG HUGS and lots of love and thankyou for the blog!! Nana B