Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Real Travel Deal

We are in Costa Rica!! But wow, what a trip! We flew out of Detroit at 3pm. All went well until we got to Houston. There was a BIG storm there so we flew around for an hour until we were almost out of gas. Then we landed in College Station, TX at 6pm to refill. We sat on the plane for 3 hours, it was hot and they did not serve any food. At 9pm the storm had passed so we flew back to Houston. Our flight to Costa Rica had left so we were given two choices...1)stay in Houston until the Friday morning flight but there were no hotels anywhere close 2)fly to Atlanta at 11:30pm and fly to Costa Rica on Thursday morning. We chose to fly to Atlanta. We arrived there around 2:30am and still had to figure out luggage and tickets. Around 3am we decided to sleep at the airport and not get a hotel for four hours. Micah and Kendal slept for 3 hours, Ethan got 4 hours of sleep while Marcie and John got little to none. Our flight left at 9:45am and we arrived in Costa Rica without incident, until we went to get our luggage. One bag was missing, Ethan was very upset that it was his bag. We hope it arrives tomorrow! On the way to our house, all 3 kids fell asleep. Once we arrived at our house, we put clothes away, took showers and ate dinner. Then it was off to bed! The kids did an amazing job all day, they were so well behaved.


oma & opa said...

Opa and Oma are sooo thankful that you are all safely in Costa
Rica. We hope you get a good night sleep in your new home and that Ethan's bag arrives soon. We love you!!!!

Sammy said...

I think that adventures are lots of fun, until you have to fly anywhere! I hope the rest of the adventure is less trying than the frist 48 hours!