Monday, October 20, 2008

Miss Most

In two short days we will be flying to Costa Rica. When asked what they will miss most, Micah said, "all my friends, CREW, soccer and Tante Julie." Ethan said he would miss "my friends, bedroom, school and both cousins." Kendal said, "I am going to miss all my Katie friends, my big bed and ballet." We will all miss our house, neighborhood and friends.


Joy said...

here's a kleenex for you, Tante Julie.

We'll miss you all! love from Tante Joy, Uncle Todd, Seth & Zoie

Tante Julie said...

We miss you all so much already. Brinn keeps talking about "finding you" and then giving you all big hugs. We love you Micah, Ethan and Kendal! Marse and JB too!