Friday, October 31, 2008

John's Birthday (and Happy Halloween)

Today is John's birthday! We celebrated by taking a bus to the Costa Rica Outward Bound school for outdoor adventure education. There he did research. Then we went out for lunch (Micah, Ethan & Kendal were in school) and went grocery shopping at Peli. John then walked to St. Gregory's to read/write and to pick up the kids. Marcie baked a birthday cake for tonight and we even found ice cream to go with it. After dinner we will have a birthday celebration! Hope you all have a Happy Halloween tonight!


oma & opa said...


Happy Birthday!!!!
Sounds like you had a fun day celebrating and exploring around the town. Hope the cake and icecream are enjoyed by all! Wish we cound join you. Have a fun day tomorrow exploring the city with the whole family. THinking of you always, be safe and have fun! Love you LOTS. (We went to an Obama rally last night in Toledo, Pres Clinton the speaker too many people to get into the gym) Mom & Dad

Aunt Sue said...

Happy Birthday to you John. I hope you got our card, and you enjoyed the day. Sounds like you are all having a wonderful adventure. Uncle Gary and I will be having supper with Joy tonight-- Todd is gone to a conference so we thought we'd help out at bath time. Love you all and hope to talk to you soon-and see you as soon as your webcam is installed. Love Auntie Sue

nana b said...

I think I've left a comment on someone else's site-they are probably wondering who Nana B is!!
It's a great birthday picture John-never would have guessed your journey that Halloween night long ago. How thankful we are for you and your family!
Marcie, you are doing a great job on the blog, all the tools we can use make you seem so close-Love it-
Have a great weekend Love Nana B

nana b said...

It's really dark at 6 here now, but not as dark as midnight!! Love seeing the photos!

Tante Julie said...

So sorry we missed your birthday (again!) Love you JB!!!!!!!!

Karen Ruis said...

Happy Birthday.. 2 weeks late.. I just found the blog via facebook.. I figured you had to be doing this.. just had not taken time to find it.
Gerry shares your birthday.. Have fun.. enjoy your experience.. we are a bit jealous.. we would love to be with you! The Ruis'