Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our First Weekend in CR

Saturday morning we took a bus to San Jose, about a 60 minute bus ride. After getting our barrings, we walked to the National Museum of Costa Rica. It is in an old fort that still has bullet holes. Other than a few artists, we were the only ones there. There were only a few exhibits but an amazing butterfly garden. Then we took a taxi to the Children's Museum, which is housed in an old prison. It was like a children's museum meets COSI- this was the largest children's museum I have ever seen. We learned about magnets, the human body, airplanes and so much more. Kendal fell asleep on the bus ride home, which turned out to be the wrong bus! So after passing our neighborhood, we got off and had to walk home in the rain. Sunday we walked to downtown Tres Rios to look for a church. By 8am all churches were ending, so next week we will be out the door earlier. In the afternoon we walked partly up the mountain behind our house, but couldn't communicate our desire to the "watch man" to proceed to the top so we had to turn around and come back down.

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