Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Our Daily Routine

Our daily routine looks something like this...
5:30am - kids wake up, the sun is bright and it is light outside
6-6:30am - kids put on their uniforms and we eat breakfast (oatmeal, corn flakes, or toast)
6:55am - head outside to the public bus stop
7am ish - the bus comes and we hop on, it is 225 colones per person (550 colones = $1 us)
7:20 am - arrive at St. Gregory's
7:30 am - school begins
2:10 pm- pick up kids from school and take a taxi home, about 1300 colones
2:30 pm - Kendal takes a nap, Micah and Ethan play outside, Marcie washes school uniforms
4:30 pm - prepare dinner
5 pm- eat
5:30 pm - kids take showers and do homework from Excel
6:30 pm - kids go to bed
8:30 pm - John and Marcie call it a day

John spends the day reading, writing, and doing research. On Tuesday & Thursday's Marcie spends the day at school volunteering for the teachers there. All three kids seem to love school -Kendal has adjusted extremely well to school. We are so thankful!


ribbens said...

crazy how similar our routines are! Amira's school starts at 7:30 as well...sounds early until you meet the afternoon heat! :) We are so thankful for the 1:40 school closing so we can hide indoors for a bit! Tell JB happy birthday for us! What is he studying for and researching? Can't wait to follow more of your adventures! sending love from the Ribbens...

nana b said...

John that's a great birthday picture-never imagined that Halloween night a long time ago the journey you would take-we love you all very much and are very grateful for tecnology that makes it possible to be in touch-you are all very precious to
The blog is great, so fun, thanks Marcie, you do a great job!Big hugs\Nana B

Tante Julie said...

Wow- that is an early start. Thanks for letting us know what your day looks like. Love you!

Joy said...

Seth was excited to see your school and teachers. Seth likes to look at your pictures. He wants to tell you he went to a class too! Seth says,"I played in the ball pit. And I play wif the food. And I play in the beans. Shall we look at some pictures?" I guess we shall. : )