Friday, November 7, 2008

Why & How?

Many friends have asked, "Why are you in Costa Rica?" And some have asked, "How do we send you mail?" So today's blog will answer both those questions.

First, WHY? John comes to Panama/Costa Rica every other Jan. to teach a class with his good friend and Calvin chemistry professor, Douglas VanderGriend. The class, Adventure Skills in Waters of Panama, teaches Calvin students how to scuba dive, white water raft, sail, surf and explores simplicity. John has always loved Central America and has dreamed of coming for more than 3 weeks. This past year, John applied for and was granted, a study leave. He is researching how to better use outdoor education for the spiritual development of college students.
John's schedule is....
5 weeks research, study and writing
2 weeks consultation for CRROBS (Costa Rica Rainforest Outward Bound School)
3 weeks vacation
3 weeks of Interim
Total: 13 weeks in Central America
Marcie and the kids are spending 7 weeks in Costa Rica and 5 weeks in Panama for a total of 12 weeks.

Second, HOW?
If you desire to send snail-mail, it can be sent to....
CRROBS- c/0 John Britton
SJO 829
PO Box 025216
Miami FL 33102
We have been told it takes about a week for mail to arrive and we leave Costa Rica on Dec. 13. (John will be in contact with CRROBS through the end of Jan.)

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