Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Question of the Day

It has become our family tradition, during dinner, to share our "highs and lows" of the day and to ask/answer a question of the day. As Kendal says, "highs and lows" are our "goods and bads". Each person is given time to answer and tell about their day. Last night the question of the day conversation went something like this...

JOHN- If you could bring one thing back with us from Costa Rica, what would it be?
KENDAL- The silly songs from preschool.
MICAH- The bars on the doors and windows, because then we would be safe.
JOHN- The bus stop right by our house so that we could take it to work and the kids to school.
ETHAN- My friends from school.
MARCIE- Cable TV and Wi-Fi.
JOHN- I don't think we're quite there yet with the cross-cultural experience.

This weekend should be a cross-cultural test as we rent a car and drive to a variety of places...hope we can find them all!


Aunt Sue said...

what about bringing back some warm weather for those of us in the chilly north? Glad the kids are doing well in school and like their new friends. I'll be praying for you this weekend-- hope you have a great time. Love Aunt Sue

Molly said...

Amen, and Amen again John! I so agree with you on the bus thing! Marcie, I am soooo sorry I missed your call this morning! We miss you guys so much! I am sorry it took us so long to communicate with you! Our computer would kick us out of the site whenever we would try to leave a comment- thankfully, Steve finally figured out what was wrong! Glad you are all safe and I am so thankful the kids are adjusting so well. Audrey would have probably packed her bags by now and would have been on a plane heading back home since they don't have pizza! :-) Call us this afternoon if you can!
Love, Molly

Molly said...

Hey Marcie,
so sorry I missed your calls! Please try again this weekend, I promise to have the phone on me at all times! :-) When I checked on the place, I noticed a blockbuster online envelope sitting in front of your tv-do you need that returned? Audrey will write to Micah again soon! Lots of love,

nana b said...

trust your adventure went well, I was thinking of you all day. Took Granma and Grandpa Great out to the Swiuss tonight, it is hard going trying to carry on a conversation! Poor Granma can't quite figure out where everyone is!! IU hope to go to GR Sunday through Wed. Love you all very much