Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weekend #3 - Volcano Poas

This weekend we rented a small 4X4 vehicle and drove north to the Central Highlands. After 2 hours of driving (and only getting lost once) we arrive at Volcano Poas. What a beautiful sight the crater was, all smoking with sulfur. We hiked the 3km of trials through the rainforest and had a picnic lunch. Then it was off to LaPaz Waterfall Gardens. By the time we arrived it was pouring rain, so we decided not to spend the $125 entrance fee to hike around the park. Driving north and east, through the mountains on winding roads, we soon arrived at our hotel the Thermales del Bosque. Immediately we put on our bathing suits and headed down to the hot springs. There were six shallow pools right be the river. Each pool was a different temperature. Micah, Ethan & Kendal swam and swam, while Marcie & John relaxed in the hot water. Dinner was included and it was by far the fanciest and best meal we have had here in Costa Rica. After dinner, it was back to the hot springs for "night swimming" while Marcie got a massage- it was a fantastic way to end the day!
Sunday morning began with a typical Costa Rican breakfast- rice & beans, scrambled eggs, plantains, coffee and hot chocolate. Breakfast was also included in our $89 room rate. Micah and Marcie then went for a morning horseback ride through the rainforest, cow & goat & sheep pasture, and down into the valley. They saw a sloth hanging upside down from the top most branch of a tree- so cool!! Meanwhile, JB & Ethan & Kendal went back for a swim in the thermals. After checking out, we drove to Doka Coffee Plantation and learned all about how coffee is grown. Doka Coffee sells 75% of their "beams" to Starbucks- yum! John loved driving and says he likes Costa Rica driving better then US driving (it is crazy here with very little regard to rules and regulations). Hope your weekend was good too!


nana b said...

Yea for Starbucks!

Marcie you should print all the blogs to keep. they are so fun, love reading them, especially with the photos!

Karen Ruis said...

oh my.. what a weekend.. I am so glad I found the blog.. Have fun..

Susie VG said...

How much for a Costa Rican massage? Sounds like a great weekend!

Tante Julie said...

A sloth!!!! Brinn loves baby sloths! How cool!

nana b said...

What a fun weekend---so glad you all had fun, we did too, we were adopted by the Pillings! It was great!
Kendal what a brave girl you are to ride with Mammy and Micah and Ethan....loved the photo of you and Dad ready to zip..well done!
Loive you all-Nana B