Friday, November 28, 2008

The Last Day of School

Today was the last day of school. Micah went to a place called the "indoor" for a party- it had a trampoline and basketball courts. They had a hamburger lunch (at 10am) and got their faces painted. Ethan and Kendal had parties at school starting at 9am. By 9:30am Kendal was eating a hot dog "lunch" and Ethan's class had pizza. A clown came and did magic tricks and different dances with the kids. There were balloons and face painting too. I know the kids will miss their classmates and especially their teachers. Thank you St. Gregory's for a great 5 weeks of school!


Stacy Pursifull said...

Must be nice having a break from school already!!!! Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving together. The pictures from all of your adventures look like lots of fun. Wish I was there, really!! Although Bill would never let me go alone so he would be there also. Talk to you soon, Love, Stacy

oma & opa said...

Sounds like the last day of school was LOTS of fun! Glad you found MIcah's "indoor" place and that they all enjoyed an early lunch! How did Kendal like the clown?
Sure was nice to "see and talk" with you all on Thanksgiving day from Julie's, we had a really nice day and missed you all a LOT! Won't be long now before we see you for real - can't wait!!! Sending our love to each of you.
Opa and Oma

nana b said...

I think a lot of childrn here would enjoy being through school already. I liked the party hats in the will alwqays remember your time at St Gregory's.WQe are glad it was a good experience for you three.
BIG BIG hugs and lots of love-NanaB