Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Wonderful Visit

Today was our last full day in Panama. We swam in the morning and then right around lunch John and Doug, his teaching partner/friend, showed up! What an amazing surprise. They stayed for lunch and of course all three kids wanted to sit by Daddy. We then swam as a family one last time...and then John was gone again. It was so good to see him! He really enjoyed white water rafting- fell out a few times, lost his shoes (Opa's shoes actually) and seems really impressed with the students. His schedule for the next few days is as follows....

Jan 11 + Worship Service in Bocas Town and Bike trip/Cave

Jan 12 + SCUBA

Jan 13 + SCUBA/Surf

Jan 14 + SCUBA/Surf

Jan 15 + SCUBA/Surf

Marcie and the kids schedule for the next few days will hopefully go as follows....

Jan. 12- leave Starfish Reef at 6:30am to catch a taxi to Sixoala

-Cross the boarder into Costa Rica and take a 6 hour bus ride to San Jose

-Spend the night at a hotel

Jan. 13- Spend the day in San Jose, maybe go to the Childrens' Museum

Jan. 14-Fly to Houston and then to Detroit, finally drive to Temperance to stay with Marcie's parents

Jan. 15.- Drive from the Toledo area to Grand Rapids! Home after 3 months!

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oma / opa said...

So glad to hear that John is OK and that you had a great time with him. What a wonderful surprise! Sounds like they will get lots of water time in the next few days. Enjoy your 2 days in C.R. with M.E. & K. and Brenda & Bob and we will see you Wed evening! Happy travels!