Saturday, January 3, 2009

Drago Beach and More

Today we spent the day on the boat touring the area. First, we went to Drago beach. It had perfect white sand and water so clear you could see your feet, not matter how deep. The kids collected starfish and made a starfish family. We even saw a dolphin swimming in the bay. We wanted to go to Bird’s Island, just off the coast. It is a famous island, only for birds, where bird lovers can see all sorts of interesting and rare birds. About half way there, out in the open ocean, Marcie requested that we turn around. The swells were huge and it was a bit frightening. So back to Drago beach we went for a bite to eat at a local restaurant. After a hike and more swimming we decided to try going to Bird’s Island one more time. This time we made it! It was pretty amazing. Then it was off to Dolphin’s Bay for some snorkeling. The day was bright and sunny and perfect for a day out and about Bocas!

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beth said...

the water looks amazing!! I love the picture of the starfish family :)