Friday, June 13, 2014

Thurs. ~ June 12, 2014 - More Cousins

This morning we drove north "for a very long time" according to our GPS to the city of Durham.  There we spent the morning touring the Duhram Cathedral and Castle with cousins Dee and Amy.  We ate lunch down at the River Wear.  After lunch we rented a boat and rowed up and down the river trying not to hit the edges or get run over by the practicing crew team.  Then we drove to Gateshead to spend the afternoon with John's cousin Paul and his family.  We had a wonderful afternoon at the park with Claire, Paul and the kids. Ethan and the twins got along so well!  Then they made us a traditional British meal -toads in a hole- it

was amazing! When we got back to our cottage we watched the 1st FIFA match - Go Brasil!

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